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Inner Calm Can’t

There is a place where I can go and nothing follows me. Most of the time this place is a horrid quagmire of conflict and doubt. Hilariously enough brought on by my inability to react to those that, ultimately cannot … Continue reading

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Seven – Sunny Day Real Estate – Diary – Oct 7 2015, Words on Thoughts

That nostalgic feeling of songs relevant to personal epochs past. Such a wash of feelings swirls with tar and cloves and pot smoke. Feeling an autumn breeze but not the lifeless one of today. No, rather the vibrant chill that … Continue reading

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Friendly Progression

You know, I worry about us… That makes it sound a little to serious But a while ago it used to be different That two peas in a pod thing.   Sure we may have fought now and again, Misunderstood … Continue reading

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D&D character backstory – Heian, the plane smith monk

Heian was a stranded wood elf child wandering from city to city surviving by begging and withstanding the harshness of the world by an innate uncanny attunement to the elements. Having stayed in a particular city for a number of … Continue reading

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To be agoraphobic is like     agoraphobic       Its that feeling as though you are surrounded surrounded by all this space and your insecurities just seep out into the open air where you have to confront them … Continue reading

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Night At A Terrible Party

Julia: Oh Donovan, You seem to be in a hurumph as usual.  Don’t you dare spoil the evening festivities. Donovan: Well, it’s not as if I was invited to this terrible gathering. Julia: But none the less, I was invited, … Continue reading

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