Friendly Progression

You know, I worry about us…

That makes it sound a little to serious

But a while ago it used to be different

That two peas in a pod thing.


Sure we may have fought now and again,

Misunderstood each others points


Cried …(well I cry)


But we had a connection,

That seemed like a default to go to

But stuff changes.


It really does.


I worry that maybe you have changed

for the better.

And I’m the one who is stuck,

Like I’m still trapped in nostalgia

because I haven’t let go.


Let go of those times,

When we seemed unstoppable.

But yeah,

It changes.


We have changed.


But not grown apart.

We will always have our personal

lexicon, and inside jokes.

I just have to enjoy that,

As we progress as people,

The complexity of our lives,

and relation to each other,

Will also become more so.

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