D&D character backstory – Heian, the plane smith monk

Heian was a stranded wood elf child wandering from city to city surviving by begging and withstanding the harshness of the world by an innate uncanny attunement to the elements. Having stayed in a particular city for a number of weeks Heian got the suspicion that there were eyes on him, ones more intense than usual. During an escape from some local officials trying to rid the streets of beggars, Heian slips and falls from a tall building. As he is falling Heian is unconsciously able to bring the mud and water under him in such a way to break his fall and sustain only a light injury. Just as he lands a figure moves swiftly to pick him up, and uses a force from its hand to begin healing Heian’s wounds. The figure reveals itself to be a woman named Sklar, a human whose eyes seemed to glow like the stars. Sklar tells Heian she can tell of his potential with the very essence of the elements and asks him to be taken under her wing to learn to harness these talents through discipline. Heian having nothing, not even a clan name to claim, decides that this is as good an option as any other.

Sklar trains Heian for years in solitude in the ways of the monk. Her monastic traditions are teach of imbuing the body and metal crafted weapons with the energies of the elemental planes. Sklar is revealed to be a master of of not only the monastic martial arts, but also an adept at conjuration as well. She speaks little and often in riddles, a trait Heian occasionally slips into.

After years of training and learning to understand the power within himself, upon finishing a meditation session, Heian asks Sklar if there was a purpose for them to meet. Sklar walks over to a wall of weapons and picks up a crude metal quarter staff. The weapon is the first thing Heian ever attempted to craft. She hands the staff to Heian. She then takes a small unadorned clay coin from her pocket. With a small ritual Sklar opens up four small portals to the planes of wind, water, earth, and fire. She passes the coin through each portal, and with each pass a mark representing each element is left on the coin. Sklar hands the coin to Heian explaining to anyone not tied to their ki, it only appears as a simple piece of clay. Heian even more confused, asked what the meaning of all these things are. Sklar tells Heian that even in death what she knows is to much to risk being captured, and the only regret she has is not having enough time to train Heian well enough to bring him along. Heian is now confused and worried. Sklar embraces Heian, who even after these years is always surprised by her physical strengths as well as the spiritual power she has emenating from her. Sklar tells Heian that even when utterly alone and full of despair always remember breath, training, and meditation. Those will get him through any peril, and help him come closer to the answers he seeks.

Sklar steps away from Heian, and Heian notices her eyes appear to be tearing up. This is the most emotion Heian has ever seen from Sklar in all the years they have known each other. Heian is about to ask more questions but before he can Sklar waves her hands, makes an incantation, and disappears. With his training Heian knows Sklar has done a phase shift and he is not likely to be able to follow or trace her. Instead of succumbing to grief, Heian knows that something must be coming and so he takes the coin and the quarterstaff to an isolated area and begins to meditate.

After a couple days of straight meditation some mysterious figures come to his secluded spot. Saying little other than they are looking for a monk whose description matches Sklar’s. Heian responds that the planes are as treacherous as they are varied. Inferring that the location of Sklar is possibly going to be more difficult than anticipated, Heian is taken by the figures.

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