Night At A Terrible Party

Julia: Oh Donovan, You seem to be in a hurumph as usual.  Don’t you dare spoil the evening festivities.

Donovan: Well, it’s not as if I was invited to this terrible gathering.

Julia: But none the less, I was invited, and instructed to bring my spouse.

Donovan: Yes of course, I’m sure every madam was invited in such a way. A man has one moment

where he takes a momentary lapse from society and suddenly he’s a child unfit to be without guardian.

Julia: You hush, you only bring this misery on yourself

Donovan (under his breath): Yes by agreeing to their whims

At this terrible excuse of a party.  People are standing around mumbling among themselves, but not truly saying anything.  A few women are around with their skirts hiked up dancing moving rhythmically to the terrible music.  The alpha males with their maws gaping and drooling attempt to clap their primitive paws to encourage these women to flutter their skirts.

But who am I to judge? I sip punch and cheap champagne, beginning for feel the heat in my face.  Every glance I take at my beautiful Julia heightens my symptoms.  Like the rest of these horrific onlookers I do not even bother to hide my flush face.  As if she knows my gaze among all the others is of the greatest intensity she interrupts her socializing to give me a reaffirming smirk.

Julia: Having a good time? (she mouths in my direction).

I raise my glass and break the grimace I had etched on my face in an attempt to placate her.  I have no intention to dim the mood of my shining star.

I take another sip and I am not sure if my vision is hazy or my consciousness is just being dulled by this nonsense.  I reassess the layout of the party in an attempt to maintain my cognition.  The creatures that had once resembled some kind of human ape hybrid now seem to be slowly degrading into lesser beasts.  Showing their true forms and personalities.  While the fauna is mildly diverse, I cannot help but think over the overwhelming number of lizard and insects that appear to have replaced the people of this party.

Julia: Oh Donovan, you look positively bored.  Why not go start up some conversation?  You always have such interesting things to say.

Donovan: And I say them only to you.  My words are meant only for your ears to hear, just as my heart is only meant for your hands to hold.

Julia: You are going to make me blush, a few drinks in you, and you are a poet.

Julia strokes her hand through my hair and her blushing face beams a bright smile that warms me more than anything I have imbibed.

Donovan: Ok, I am feeling a bit refreshed now, I will go mingle with these creatures.

I stand up, rousing my limbs from their extended rest under the influence of alcohol.  Julia delicately runs her hand down my back and gives me a flushed slightly inebriated smile.  I cannot help but smile back at her as I entertain the potential things I might say.

As I approach a group in which I am mildly familiar, whom also wear the same drab garb as myself, I am surprised at the ease it is to integrate into the shenanigans.

Feeling loose from the liquor, I join in the antics that to onlookers probably look as absurd, as it feels to do them.  We flap our gums making noises that perhaps are close to something of the common farm animal, then that of human speech. Yet this is what passes for mingling.

At one particularly uproarious comment I try my hand at some crass gesticulation. This wins over the small cabal.  What I can understand over the thick slur brought on from the libations it appears there is admiration for my comedic talent. I have not laughed, but everyone else appears amused. I feel a bit of my integrity slip away in this, but as I glance over a Julia she no longer seems as concerned about what I am doing and has become fully engaged in the party.

As the night winds down so to do the attendees like toys drained of all their power.  Some are swaying appear to be pushing themselves like a child who refuses to head to bed.  I have retired to my original seat and see Julia walking toward me.

She is stopped by a tall man who appears to be saying something to her.  He reaches for her hand but Julia pulls away. The man attempts to grab her as she tries to walk away.  Without a thought I stand up, and march toward them.  I stand between Julia and the man.

Donovan: Is there some sort of problem here. It appears my wife does not want to talk to you.

Tall Man (very inebriated): Wait, this beautiful woman has such a sorry excuse for a husband.

The man puts his hands in the air gesturing he is about to do something.  I start to step back motioning for Julia to do the same.  I turn my head slightly to see if she understands, but I no longer see her standing behind me.

As I turn back to the man, Julia is now standing between us.  She makes her own gesture for the man to lower his hands and come a bit closer.  As the man gets closer to Julia, I begin to tighten my fist.

Julia: This is completely unacceptable!

Julia yells directly in the man’s face.  She slaps him, and then proceeds to knee him in the groin slightly ripping her dress in the process. It is only now do I realize how flushed and generally drunk Julia is.  The man goes down from pain and shock. Julia kicks him in the stomach, hard.

Julia: I finally am able to have a nice time out with my husband, and take his mind off of things and an oaf like you comes and ruins it. What is your name, you pile of filth?

Tall Man (straining for breath):Wi..Wilson..LaPorte

Julia: Well Mr. LaPorte, you may not remember this tomorrow. But I will, and shall our paths cross again, even the most sincere apology will not save you from my wrath!

Julia turns to me and takes my hand.

Julia: I am ready to go home now.

She looks at me, and I can see her anger starting to fade.  I look at the party standing there. Still and silent that a whole herd of deer caught in so many headlights.  I let out an enormous laugh.  The first time I have laughed in some time, and at the very least tonight. I start to lead Julia out of the room.

Julia: See you did have a good time.

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