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It is best to take life in a slow, contemplative, wary manner. This is best achieved by living life in a perpetual hang over.

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The Worry Of Buying In Wholesale

At what point should one worry that one has bought wholesale into their self created illusions. That some attempt conscious rebellion has become a dogma that is worn only for itself and purely out of familiarity. Something akin to a … Continue reading

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I am not responsible for, nor do I have the authority or audacity to, others in how they choose to live out this miserable finite existence. All I can do is be mindful of my unique experience and convey my … Continue reading

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Nihilism Is For Lazy People

In so many ways nihilism makes life so much more simple to navigate. If nothing else than that the burdens of culture and duty appear absurd, preferably ignored. Though in that respect there is also difficulty due to the assumption … Continue reading

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Irresponsible, and always Ready to Party

It is not that the people IĀ envision as those normal and reasonableĀ cannot comprehend or deal with my particular lifestyle and outlook, but rather have come to a point in their lives where the notion of such a lifestyle does not … Continue reading

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