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Sometimes it is more useful to turn the hyperbolic language in on oneself. Everyone is horrible, and when one admits to themselves that they are horrible life becomes more honest, and adaptation becomes a much easier process. There seems to … Continue reading

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Place Between Human and Reality

Its not quite an edge. Something defined by the walls On either side. One wall emanates a warm soulful glow The other wall, a a harsh sterile surface. This place in between is not Characteristic of either of it boundaries. … Continue reading

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Nihilism Is For Lazy People

In so many ways nihilism makes life so much more simple to navigate. If nothing else than that the burdens of culture and duty appear absurd, preferably ignored. Though in that respect there is also difficulty due to the assumption … Continue reading

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Which is more humorous

The projection of our complex language and cultural moral systems on pets (and other animals) as if those things are objective truths. Or.  Believing in the transcendence of humanity over nature and chastising others for animal behaviors.

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