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Sometimes it is more useful to turn the hyperbolic language in on oneself. Everyone is horrible, and when one admits to themselves that they are horrible life becomes more honest, and adaptation becomes a much easier process. There seems to … Continue reading

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Place Between Human and Reality

Its not quite an edge. Something defined by the walls On either side. One wall emanates a warm soulful glow The other wall, a a harsh sterile surface. This place in between is not Characteristic of either of it boundaries. … Continue reading

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I am not responsible for, nor do I have the authority or audacity to, others in how they choose to live out this miserable finite existence. All I can do is be mindful of my unique experience and convey my … Continue reading

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That lovely feeling of futility and being invalid brought about by the fact that innocuous lifestyles, cultures and opinions are not for you, and likely will continue regardless of your existence.

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Is There A Problem

It’s fine. Isn’t it?   It’s all fine. My only problem is, that I have a problem. That’s my motto, my credo. I would dishonest to myself if I didn’t say, It always persisted in my the back of my … Continue reading

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Irresponsible, and always Ready to Party

It is not that the people I envision as those normal and reasonable cannot comprehend or deal with my particular lifestyle and outlook, but rather have come to a point in their lives where the notion of such a lifestyle does not … Continue reading

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The Prologue to my Memoirs

Life is about misery.  You are born and then you die . If you are lucky you get to eat some tasty things and have a few choice orgasms somewhere in there.  

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Lets Get This Started

If I had suggest to someone how to gain insight into things.  I would have to say: 1. Learn what it means to hate yourself without bounds 2. Learn to hate everyone else just as equally.

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