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It is best to take life in a slow, contemplative, wary manner. This is best achieved by living life in a perpetual hang over.

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Old Stream of Conscious Note 1

#1 I am warm with fear I sweat a viscous unnameable thing that might closely identify as death.  My jaw painfully locks, which is a slight reprieve from its constant nervous chattering.  The heat from my terrorized brain melts solid … Continue reading

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Selected (Coherent…ish) Notes from California July 17- 21 2014

What is this this existential anxiety that I appear to be experiencing at the mere prospect of going to a fundamentally unfamiliar space. Perhaps it stems from my desire to always return to the point of my origin. Which is … Continue reading

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Cheap Vodka

Clear Like a conscience Yet the headache brought on By the recognition of actions And the inevitable hang over Seem well worth the price To wit You get what you pay for

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