Stargazers (or something else more clever) – Dream Notes

Rouge is energetic mouse like anthro creature with horns that is early 20 something. Living with the family, their parents Carmine and Vermilion, an older sibling Umber, and a grandparent Wine. They all live on in a reasonably sized but quaint home on a farm that is tended to by the whole family. Umber being rather serious, perhaps the only serious one in the family, is determined to take over the farm one day and puts all their energy into that. Rouge, through an obsessive absorption of fantasy media, believes their personal destiny is among the stars. Carmine and Vermilion want to support their child, though they are unsure how. Though with more than enough help from Umber and Wine (who is old but very keen and versed in many skills), they let Rouge do whatever Rouge thinks will get them to their destiny. Rouge spends a lot of time exploring and getting all there is to know about the planet and other places. As a result this has led to this has lead Rouge to make friends in various places, who caught by Rouges infectious spirit have all become star gazers.
Rouges friend Quince is a anthro bug like creature that has a carapace made of various plants and minerals. She lives in a larger town and noticed Rouge for the first time, as Rouge was bounding from some of the higher buildings one night. She tracked Rouge to a tall building and founder her just looking up at the stars. She approached Rouge quietly and Rouge pulled a fruit and a book from her pack. Rouge not even looking offered them to Quince. Quince being herself took the fruit and started eating it. She flipped through the pages of the book and found it was fantasy comic about an explorer of worlds discovering mysteries of the universe. Quince started to share her desires to travel, and they both spent the night gazing at the stars. Her species is fairly attuned to the planet and can produce magical effects given the right materials and time. Quince is a big eater (part of her magical power is tied to the energy she generates from food) and dreams of visiting other planets for delicacies and discover if they share similar heart beats with the current world.
Another one of Rouge’s friends is Spade. Spade is a large pensive salamander like anthro creature that before encountering Rouge lived in self enforced solitude due to his aggressive and competitive nature brought on by time spent leading a now dismissed clan. Upon Rouge wandered into Spade’s territory, He mistakes Rouge for an assassin. Though he has sworn not to kill anymore he pursues Rouge, and to his surprise finds Rouge tricky to pen down. Eventually they come face to face and upon closer inspection realizes Rouge has no intention of a fight. Rouge explains themselves and tell Spade about wanting to go among the stars. Spade having respect of Rouges sharp mind and resourcefulness, tells Rouge that should the journey begin he will help with the rough parts.

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