Sometimes it is more useful to turn the hyperbolic language in on oneself.

Everyone is horrible, and when one admits to themselves that they are horrible life becomes more honest, and adaptation becomes a much easier process.

There seems to be this notion to many people that they are somehow intrinsically good or right, but this simply is not the case. Each individual agent as they are themselves is in contention with all other agents they will interact with. It is only just to varying levels. I say they are in contention in that it is only until order introduced, often in the guise of sympathy for humans or some other form of understanding, are most beings more than crabs in a barrel at best and cannibalistic at worst.

This is why sympathy is so misleading. It is an honest effort for survival within a social context, but you can never penetrate the experience of the other. The best is an approximation based on your experience, which is not only a dangerous thing that cannot be verified, but is also given to ones individual biases ultimately to be projected onto others encountered.

So what does this come to? If one is a bigot, and in this purely the lack of tolerance and understanding of ones supposed superiority over all others, they should just own up to it, for it is an inevitability. To clarify it is not to meant that intolerant actions should be accepted as whole socially, but rather one should be honest with themselves about their intolerance and superiority complexes. After becoming aware and owning it if there is still a turmoil and am uneasiness of the sustainability of a hard and fast identity within a changing social framework, than the obvious course is to address that particular terribleness about oneself and adjust ones identity.

For instance I know I’m a horrible person, this is and the meaninglessness of life are inescapable truths I have come to terms with. I am racist and classist, and probably some other –ists that I have yet to encounter. However instead of making attempts to defend myself at every altercation in some vain attempt to put myself in the right, I acknowledge that I am terrible and for the sake of survival I may have to adapt to the existence of individuals or collectives that I view in a less than ideal light, when the light is turned around on me.

This is not to say one should simply alter their identity at any complication, but the automatic defensiveness that comes with pride and the belief of the right self makes adjustments in life rather difficult.

I’m horrible, and so is each and every person on the planet. The human condition is not one saved by divine justice, but rather liberated through the realization of the impartial nature of the universe and the moderated selfish isolation one must maintain simply to survive.

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