In Relation to the world cup

Why I am not into sports.

Entertainment serves many purpose for conscious beings. Especially self aware ones.  One of the purposes can be a form of escape.  It allows one to, in a way, remove themselves from the everyday misery that is, in our case , what it is to be human.  One of these forms of escape is the ability to have emotions projected onto ones identity so they can feel emotions without the stress of have to live through emotional situations.

Slavoj Ziziek often calls canned laughter in a sitcom a wonderful invention. And I agree with him for this reason.  However, it seems no less novel than an overly teary eyed person in a soap opera, or the pure comedy of slapstick.

So this brings us to the question at hand why am I not into sports.  So right off the bat I would like to say I have nothing against view professional sports, I just am not into them.  But in this culture they are so ingrained that, other than being an anti-culturist, there likely has to be some reason.  I have derived them from the ideas presented above.

First, as a form of entertainment, what are the emotional projections and escapes that one gets out of sports.  There appear to be two major ones that i notice: competitiveness and camaraderie.

As I stated before entertainment allows for emotions to be felt without the exhaustion of actually living out the actions.  So one drive many have is competitiveness.  It is a form of validation and often motivates individuals to get things done.  I will not say that I’m never competitive, as just stated it often helps to validate oneself (such as solidifying an opinion by successfully winning an argument). However in general, I don’t enjoy being competitive. I find it to be stressful and often a waste of time.  I have a hard time accepting wins (except maybe in a fighting game) and like most people losing feels awful.  So that is one aspect where i don’t need those emotions projected onto me.

The second is camaraderie.  Now, again, it’s not to say i never feel it, but to me in sports it feels actually projected and a little artificial. Perhaps that is just from the exploitation of an interest, but I have often witness so much of the “us” vs “them”. And again this is just a personal disinterest.  As I’m sure many are aware of these projected feelings, but as many knows the feeling of inclusiveness secures a bit of ones identity, and the feeling of exclusiveness gives the illusion of power.

So in these fleeting thoughts I have done a basic outline as to the mind boggling (I have seen minds boggled by it) disinterest I have in sports.

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