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Stargazers (or something else more clever) – Dream Notes

Rouge is energetic mouse like anthro creature with horns that is early 20 something. Living with the family, their parents Carmine and Vermilion, an older sibling Umber, and a grandparent Wine. They all live on in a reasonably sized but … Continue reading

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Forcing ones ideologies as the way, under the guise of the burden of responsibility to the other, is a detriment to all agents involved. Inspiration from exemplary behavior under ones framework shows the greatest honesty.

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Self awareness is hubris, instinct is naivete. The challenge is balancing the dissonance created by both to unlock the potential that is humanity.

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Inner Calm Can’t

There is a place where I can go and nothing follows me. Most of the time this place is a horrid quagmire of conflict and doubt. Hilariously enough brought on by my inability to react to those that, ultimately cannot … Continue reading

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In the long run despair seems way more pragmatic than humor.

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Burning With Anger, Smoldering With Indifference

I remember I used to want to watch the world burn by my hands, but realized this was a reaction to my own helplessness. Now that I have embraced despair I am content to watch it fizzle out, as it … Continue reading

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The pursuit of ontology and an ever growing intellect does not require one to become a curmudgeonly malcontent, it’s just one of those extra little perks.

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Seven – Sunny Day Real Estate – Diary – Oct 7 2015, Words on Thoughts

That nostalgic feeling of songs relevant to personal epochs past. Such a wash of feelings swirls with tar and cloves and pot smoke. Feeling an autumn breeze but not the lifeless one of today. No, rather the vibrant chill that … Continue reading

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Money is not an indicator of character or humanity, identity solely based on capital acquisition is suspect at best.

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Sometimes it is more useful to turn the hyperbolic language in on oneself. Everyone is horrible, and when one admits to themselves that they are horrible life becomes more honest, and adaptation becomes a much easier process. There seems to … Continue reading

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